Creates luxury lingerie and
avant-garde bathing suits

Cups : A to D

Breathable fabrics, high functionality and ideal fit

Cups : B to H


Art in the french Style

Cups : B to F


Everyday underwear made of rich fabrics and precise fit

Cups : A to H

Absolute support and complete comfort

Cups : C to G

Because we all want a perfect look!


Keeping a cool feminine touch

Cups : A to F

Fashionable undergarments ideal for the everyday life

Cups : A to F


Marie-Jo l’Aventure mixes feminity, sobriety and design

Cups : A to F

When ultimate comfort meets elegance

Cups : B to I

Fashion and comfort is offered with its very own twist on each unique collection

Cups C to H

By making use of its Scandinavian roots, Rosemunde offers a romantic and feminine look.

Undergaments made of luxurious fabrics and precious embroiderys

Cups : C to H


Detailed attention is paid to every piece

Cups : B to F


Specialized in creating an acclaimed fit for larger cup sizes, while remaining sophisticated and functional

Cups : F to K