Creates luxury lingerie and
avant-garde bathing suits

Breathable fabrics, high functionality and ideal fit


Beautifies curves of a blooming feminity

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Lise Charmel sublimate nature: be yourself, be different

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Everyday underwear made of rich fabrics and precise fit

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Absolute support and complete comfort

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A brand dedicated to generous curves

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Refined cuts and finishings, sensual fabrics sublimate the body

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Designed to inspire feminity, confidence and sophistication in every woman

Because we all want a perfect look!

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A simple elegance that comes totally natural

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A sweet and delicious lingerie

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A fine lingerie, a sleek modern style

Fashionable undergarments ideal for the everyday life


Marie-Jo l’Aventure mixes feminity, sobriety and design

When ultimate comfort meets elegance

Fashion and comfort is offered with its very own twist on each unique collection

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Designer’s lingerie brand, the must for the luxury lingerie lovers

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Most comfortable thongs


Detailed attention is paid to every piece

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Specialist manufacturer for large sizes, offer best support and thus create a smooth and attractive appearance


Specialized in creating an acclaimed fit for larger cup sizes, while remaining sophisticated and functional